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Cloud Solutions by NextLogix Technology

NEXTLOGIX provides a suite of cloud services that empower our customers to use SAP Business One on cloud, easily and affordably around the globe. NEXTLOGIX enables rapid deployment of SAP Business One on cloud. The use of modern hosting techniques and products allows users to access SAP Business One from anywhere, on any device, anywhere in the world.

ERP Solutions for Small Business and Midsize Companies

We have the expertise to provide you with the cloud based ERP solutions for enhanced business performance. Our business solutions include SAP implementation, SAP integration, enterprise resource planning systems, supply chain management, manufacturing resource planning, warehouse management, inventory management, hosting, on-site engineering services, business intelligence, software development and business analytics. We also offer Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) for our clients in our private cloud platform.

SAP Business One 10.0 Release Highlights

  • SAP Business One 10.0, the latest version of management software that is most popular and used by thousands of companies around the world. SAP Business One version 10.0 has many advanced features and advanced applications that are now available and ready to be deployed.
  • Take a look at the addition of SAP Business One version 10 to our blog here.

SAP Business ONE

SAP Business One is used by over 70,000 million organizations worldwide. A business management ERP software for small business ERP to handle every aspect of their company tasks to operations, financials, accounting, customer relationships, project, and sales.

Business one is an ERP software by SAP to improve decision-making by providing insights and automates your business procedures. Available on premise, on demand and powered by in-memory computing platform (SAP HANA).

SAP Business One Cloud

Cloud-based solutions for delivering the performance of effective business management software embedded in a secure cloud environment. SAP Business One Cloud is designed for small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow.

Cloud technology solutions allow SMBs to transfer effort, money and time from IT maintenance to their core business tasks. The SAP cloud-based platform is still the most trusted Open Platform-SA-Service (PaaS), offering its unique platform services, memory capabilities and microservices. SAP Cloud Creates and distributes applications for smart, mobile-based cloud solutions

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Protect your IT investment with our best-in-class backup solution for private and public cloud hosted services. We harness the power of Veeam backup replication software to provide always-on protection for your infrastructure. Our service is monitored, managed, and maintained around the clock by our dedicated staff and engineers. NEXTLOGIX delivers world-class RTO & RPO (recovery time objective and recovery point objective) service levels, with robust and seamless data protection to our clients.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

At NextLogix we understand that your systems are as only as good as the information and wisdom you gain from them. Business intelligence tools play a key role in helping you to get a single version of the information truth.

We are completely adept at helping you with three key SAP analytics solutions for Business Intelligence and Analytics:

NEXTLOGIX provides a suite of cloud services that empower our customers to use SAP Business One on cloud, easily and affordably around the globe.

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