SAP Business One 10.0: Release Highlights

  • SAP Business One 10.0, the latest version of management software that is most popular and used by thousands of companies around the world. SAP Business One version 10.0 has many advanced features and advanced applications that are now available and ready to be deployed.

Significance of HANA version of SAP Business One Release 10.0

The SAP Business One web client is one of the highlights of the latest HANA release of SAP Business One. The new web client means you can now access SAP Business One from your mobile devices such as laptops or tablets through web browsers (like Chrome or Firefox), as opposed to third-party web clients. Need to depend The SAP Business One version 10 web client is based on the SAP Fiori design principles and supports the business logic and core processes of SAP Business One, such as:
  • Business Partners
  • Sales Orders
  • Additional Sales Documents
  • Items
  • Activities
  • Analytics
  • New Web Client for SAP Business One Version 10.0

    • SAP Business One version 10 is the latest release for leading SME ERP software and this software offers an updated version as well as an upgraded version of SAP Business One. The solution has been developed with over 30 new features and enhancements. Keeping in mind the specific parameters that have been derived from the recently integrated technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    SAP Business One 10.0 Usability – New Look and Feel

    The web client allows online access to SAP Business One 10.0 and integrates it with a new skin style (Belize Deep), which improves the look and feel of the software. This is especially relevant if you plan to use both a web client as well as a desktop application. Integrating with the new usable skin style allows SAP Business One version to adapt the look and feel of both applications. Belize Deep Skin for Desktop is inspired by SAP Fiori and uses SAP UI5 technology. This is available if you use a Fiory style cockpit.

    Username in license and add-on administration:


    New localization introduced for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to support post- Brexit.

    Microsoft Office 365 Integration

    Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive integration with SAP Business one allows for document layouts, grid results and reports to be exported into Excel and Word accordingly. So, users can access from everywhere.